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Tips On Fixing A Faulty Device Back To Operation

Nothing is annoying like turning on the device only to find a black screen. When it’s not a major error there are some steps that you can follow to get the device back to operation. Read on this article for a guide for fixing an error on your device.

In most cases when you press the power button and the device does not turn on it may be due to lack of power. If you were charging the device and still does not power on, check the power system whether it functional. Most of the instances you will find that it’s the power cable which is faulty hence not charging the device. If you have access to another power cable use is to test whether the device. At times dust particles on the USB port can affect the charging system of the device. To clean the USB port, ensure that you use a specified cleaning substance for the device or use this service.

The other instance which may lead to an unresponsive device is when the device has frozen. Note that even when the device is turned off it can still freeze meaning that it will not respond when you turn it on. If this is the case you can remove the battery and wait for some few seconds then return back the battery. This is not applicable to devices which have an inbuilt battery instead you soft reboot the device by pressing and holding the power button for 5 to 15 seconds.

The other instance which may cause the black screen is a faulty battery. The battery in most instances is get damaged when it’s overcharged frequently and also when you do not allow the device to fully charge before you disconnect it from power. In some other cases the battery may be drained which means that it requires some time to recharge again. If the device does not turn on after connecting it to power for some time then the battery could be faulty.

In some cases, the black screen may be due to a faulty screen. When you realize that the device is powering on but the screen remains black then you cannot rule out that the screen is faulty. Reboot the device to see whether the situation with the screen will change if not you can seek this service.

The last alternative should be to factory reset the device. This means that you erase all that was saved on the device to its original state. You can do this by holding the power button plus the volume button at the same time for boot options for recovery and boot options.