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The Use of Immigration Bonds

An immigration bond helps to release a foreigner who is put in custody by the immigration department, while they are waiting to appear in court. You should meet certain qualifications to be able to use these bonds.

The foreigner should meet the terms of the bond in order for him to be released from immigration custody using immigration bonds.

Immigration-related matters are taken care of by the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) and the ICE (US Immigration and Customs Enforcement). A suspect can be released by the ICE on the basis of personal recognizance where the detainee won’t need to pay for the bond.

If you are a detained foreigner, the conditions for being entitled to an immigration bond including not being an escape or flight risk, not a public threat, not facing serious criminal charges, or without an existing extradition order.

A judge from the ICE decides how much to pay for the bond. Your immigration status, history or crime, employment status, and family links in the US are the factors affecting the amount you need to pay for your bond. Foreigners who are a flight risk are asked to pay more for their immigration bond.

A minimum amount of $1500 is required for a delivery bond but it can go up to $10000 or higher based on your risk factor. For departure type bonds they start as low as $500. Visit this page for more help with immigration bonds.

Don’t just expect the amount to be returned to you soon since might take a year or longer to get it back.

The most common form of an immigration bond is the delivery bond. If your case requires investigation, then it may last longer. Delivery bond will secure you a release from detention. You are required to attend all the immigration hearings. A delivery bond can free you to be with your family; you should also use this time to consult with an immigration lawyer for your court sessions. Failure to appear for a hearing forfeits the full amount of your delivery bond.

The voluntary departure bond releases a detained foreigner to allow him to depart the country at his own expense within a certain period of time. If a departure bond is paid in full, it can be refunded once you leave the country. Your forfeit the amount you paid for the bond if you don’t leave the country.

With immigration bonds, your loved one in custody at the immigration department can be given temporary release so that he can spend time with you. Other forms of bonds do not apply to immigration-related cases.

The condition for the release of a foreigner is custody at the immigration department is that he should attend all court hearings.